Understanding the need

We believe in understanding the basic needs of our Client before beginning the process of Recruitment.  We not only open the doors to thousands of opportunities but also to the career advancement and evolution of those we recruit.

Our team of recruiters is well equipped to comprehend the set of needs and provide you with the best employees.

Headhunting is our forte

Our efficient team of recruiters specialises in the process of Headhunting, which happens to be an essential bit for recruitment of Chief Executives. With a strong network and good references in the industry of recruitment we source the perfect candidates for you. Headhunting process comes in handy when we require the experienced candidates in the relevant field. Especially for the higher level positions we believe in recruiting candidates with professional competency as well.  And thus we bet on delivering the complete recruiting and talent acquisition solution from one source – Adept.

Right approach to recruitment

We claim to have the right approach to convey the potentials of opening. Because at Adept we believe in understanding not only the need of clients but also we strive to comprehend the environment and working process of the company as well. This helps immensely in the goal of recruiting the perfect candidate for your company.

Closing – just a start and not an end

We understand that the last step in the process of recruitment – Closing serves as the first step for any of our client. And hence our proficient team of recruiters believe in running a background check to ensure the previous records and other important details of the candidates. Along with that we also believe in getting the opinions from the previous companies to understand the candidates and their pattern of working.  And this makes Adept best in the industry.

We efficiently hire for

The industries which require the best decision makers.

Tech Giants

We believe in building your team with highly professional employees so your company can focus on future. Our team of technical recruiters are thorough with the basics of Technical Industry and hence we bet on finding the right cultural fit for a positive and collaborative team. Our team have a history of recruiting the very best analyst, developers and technical specialists in the market.

General Insurance Industry

At Adept the team of recruiters dig candidates who are befitting your current business strategies and most importantly they share your vision for the future. As it is important to have a team of like-minded people in order to thrive and succeed. We consider each search unique as the needs vary from one client to another. And this helps us in recruiting the perfect candidates for your company.


With the ever increasing demand of FMCG products in the market, we understand the need for candidates for these companies. We have a dedicated team of experts for the recruitment of FMCG Companies. Our recruiters at Adept are efficient in recruiting the Chief Executives for and thus we can proudly say that we have managed to stay ahead of curve in this industry.

Manufacturing Companies

Our Adept Consultants for Manufacturing Companies specialise in placing highly skilled professionals.  We are a premier provider of quality staffing services across various Manufacturing Companies. We believe in delivering apt results with utmost quality. We strive to understand your necessities and on the basis of that we recruit the best of Chief Executives, because your success is our goal.

Our Happy Clients